Sunday, December 14, 2014

Vogue 8048 - Men's Waistcoats

It is not very often that Mr. SDSC asks me to make anything for him.  I've knitted him some socks, a few shirts and a dressing gown, but that's about it.  So when he asked for a waistcoat - I was happy to oblige.  The search for a pattern was very brief - there really isn't much around for men, and even less for waistcoats - and the winner was Vogue 8048, that I happen to have in stock!

I chose view A, (diagonal print, top right of photo above), as I liked the higher cut neckline.  I didn't want it to end up looking like a 1970's polyester suit reject!

So are some pics - the first one was made from a great suiting weight cotton that has narrow grey stripes:


Photos are a pic of a problem at this time of the year - there is usually about 12" of snow on the ground, but we are having an unusually mild start to the winter, so I dragged Mr. SDSC outside ans asked him to pose!  Look at the gorgeous blue sky!

The fit was acceptable - I probably could fiddle around and adjust the shoulders, and maybe take some width out of the back, but Mr. SDSC says that it is comfortable, so that is that!

The pockets are a double welt, and I made rather a pig's ear of them.  There are two issues - I didn't clip far enough into the corners before turning the facing, and I was not accurate enough with the actual welts themselves.  Fortunately, the fabric is dark enough that you can't see . . . . but I made changes in the next versions!

This time the pockets have a single welt and look muuuuuuuuch better!

This hounds-tooth fabric is gorgeous, and I used it to make this skirt, and these trousers.  I had just enough left over for the waistcoat above, that is being worn with a shirt I made last year.

I finished off with some black denim.  Lovely!  He loves his 'bespoke' waistcoats, and when my Dad came round for his Sunday dinner today, he tried one on and it fits pretty good, so I will make one for him too!

I did take a few details pics and have some more info to share with you about these waistcoats, and I'll drop them in another post later in the week.  Before I go though, a quick 'out take' - the boys wanted to get in on the act!

More details on PatternReview.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Socks and Colours

I shared with you some box bags that I recently made, and I usually use them to house my sock knitting projects.  They are the perfect size for 100gms yarn and a circular needles.  These are the last three pairs that came off the needles:

The yarn is called Katia Darling and there are more details on my Ravelry project page.

This next pair uses Crazy Zauberball.

There is a very long colour repeat on this yarn - and as you have probably noticed, I don't care much for perfectly matching socks!  More details here.

I then finished off these lovely stripey socks that remind me of the seaside - gorgeous beachy colours:

I used Knit Picks Felici yarn for these socks,  The yarn is fabulously soft and a dream to knit with.  The yarn was discontinued, but they have 6 colourways in stock, so runveryquick and get some . . . like I did!  I also have a few other colour combos that will surface in the future!

I had some other fun with colours this weekend, and got the results back from having my 'colours' done.  This was all the range in the '80's, but I never had them done.  Fast forward a few years, and Mr. SDSC kindly booked me a session for my birthday.  Here are my colours, based upon my eye, skin and hair colouring:

I know that it looks like pretty much every colour you could think of, but if you looks carefully, there is no black or white, only one purple and one yellow, no fushia or pink (the pink above is actually more peachy).  And lots of green.  I rarely wear green, so will now start introducing it into my wardrobe and see what the results are!  Incidentally, I am a 'True Lazurli Spring'.  Interestingly enough, my 'best basic red', is a perfect match for the cardi below - and I always get lots of comments when I wear this!

Co-incidentally, I picked up some lovely fabric this week - an absolute bargain at $5/m from Fabricland and it has 4 of my colours in it.  I plan on making a cardi and vest top with it - so by all accounts, It should suit me very well!

What do you think of this process?  Utter bunkem, or a useful tool when is comes to looking your best?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bras & Bags

So. Winter has arrived in these parts, and that means lots of indoors activities . . . and sewing! And knitting! Hurrah. First, let me show you the weather evidence:

Very pretty, that's for sure!

I thought hat it was time to make some more undies, and two more bras have made their was into my lingerie drawer.  Who doesn't need a new white bra?  This was made using the Shelley pattern from Bra-Makers Supplies in Hamilton, Ontario.  With the exception of the lace, all the fabrics and notions were also from Bra-Makers Supplies.  The lace was already in my stash, and actually started off as a gathered lace.  I took off the band that gathered the lace, gave it a good pressing - and voila - some fabulous flat lace for my new bra!

Next up was a racy, red one.  Again, all supplies as above.

I also made a couple more box bags for my sock knitting.  And yes I have that many pairs of socks on the go!

The bag above is a bit more peachy in colour, and looks so delicate.

And who can resist the sausage dogs?  The lovely dotty lining matches perfectly and I am very pleased with these. . . . and I have some socks to share with you next time as well! 

How about you - do you have 'cold weather' projects that you are working on - or 'hot weather' projects for my Southern Hemisphere buddies?!

Friday, October 17, 2014

2 x Fat Quarters + 1 Zip = ????

Why, lovely project bags of course:

They are just the perfect size for my yarn and needles for sock knitting, but I have also made them for family members who use them as washbags, makeup bags etc.

 They measure about 9" long x 4.5" x4.5".  I like to add a co-ordinating zip (it is a great way to use up odd zips that I don't know what else to do with!) and a zipper pull made with beads.

I absolutely love these - I have another (cough, cough) six cut out and ready to sew, and more than twenty (what??  How many??) matched up pairs of fat quarters and zips.  It's an addiction I tell you.  I can't help myself :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

McCalls 6361 - More Details

Thanks for the lovely comments on my last post about my trousers - and the weight loss!  Much appreciated. 

I have trialled a couple of pairs now, and have made a decision.  Basically, I am a rectangle in shape with little difference between my waist and hips.  I therefore do not have much gathering going on if I put elastic in a waist.  I also tend to wear cardigans or sweaters that cover my waist area rather than tucking in a shirt or top.  Therefore I plan to use fabric with a bit of stretch/lycra to make the fitted trousers (waistband, zip, fly etc), and woven fabrics to make the slightly looser fitting trousers with an elasticated waist.  I would probably do some top stitching to show a faux fly on the elasticated versions as well as adding some pockets.  Hmmmm.  Lots of food for thought!

Moving on . . . . . whilst I don't want to bore you too much, but there were a few changes that I made to the trousers pattern that may be of interest to you . . . .

Firstly, I extended the pockets so that they would be caught in the fly seams, thereby creating a 'powerband' that helps to keep the front of the pants stable.  The photo below shows a standard front pocket bag on the right, and my enlarged (I like big pockets!) and extended front pocket bag on the left.  The other part of the pocket bag does not need to be extended, just this part that forms part of the front of the trousers and is caught in the side seams.

 Secondly, because the zipper is placed as far over as it can be behind the fly, I didn't need to match the zipper tape to the fabric . . . which was just as well as only had bright coloured zips in my stash!

The above two photos also highlight the two different waistband treatments that I tried out.  For the grey trousers I attached the waistband and threaded through some 1" elastic as per Pants for Real People by Palmer/Pletsch.  When I am wearing the trousers you cannot see that there is any elastic there - they just fit a bit nicer around my waist.  The black pair have just a straight waistband with some interfacing.  I will see which ones are the most comfortable, and use that in the future. Oh, and can you see the lovely poppy fabric that I used for the pockets?  I think that may become my signature - lovely fabrics for the pockets.  Another great way to use up the cute fat quarters that I keep finding . . . .

Finally, I did try button holes, but got a little impatient - all that measuring, sewing, blah, blah, blah, so I used some cute snaps that I have about 300 of!  They are from a company called Babyville and were designed for baby clothes and nappies.  I have used them before when making wallets, and I love them.  They are plastic, come in lots of colours (except black!) and are fixed with a dandy instrument that looks a bit like a hand-held hole punch.  As long as your waistband is not too thick, they snap on really well and are very strong.  I have tried the more traditional snaps that hammer on, but I have never found them to be very effective - I find it hard to get them straight and matching, and if you hammer too hard the snaps actually cut through the fabric.  So, Babyville snaps it is for me for now.  I have no intention of flashing my waistband - I usually wear a top over my waistband, so no-one else know but myself!

I forgot to mention in my last post that finally, now that winter is almost upon us, we have a deck and railings and I can take photos outside.  I though it would be fun to share a quick photo of the set up - my camera precariously balanced on an iron table and my two helpers checking things out!

Thanks boys you were great!