Friday, January 20, 2017

Bottled Rainbows

I can't remember where I first saw this quilt, but I knew I had to make one!  It was designed by Stitched in Colour and the details are here, on her blog.

I like the idea of bordering the blocks with plain fabric and then filling in the centre with scraps that match.  This design is an applique one known as 'ticker tape' and the blocks are created in a 'quilt as you go' technique.  Looks like fun!

Here are my fabrics for the borders, which will then influence the fabrics used for the ticker tape.

I used the recommended Kona Cottons as follows:

Top Row: Violet, Berry, Marine, Pacific
2nd Row: Camellia, Cerise, Everglade, Bahama Blue
3rd Row: Pomegranate, Kumquat, Avocado, Grass Green
Bottom Row: Rich Red, Orange, Canary, Cactus

I have started going through my scraps, matching them up to the colours . . 

It looks like I will start with the Bahama Blue as I have quite a few scraps in that colour - perhaps this will become my 'block of the month' and will be completed for Christmas - watch this space!


  1. Whew, a lot of work, but so worth it!

    1. I hope so! And I think a block a month is doable 😀

  2. Wonderful colors! It really does remind me of rainbows...great title.

  3. Now, that's a project! Love the colors. I'm working on a quilt at the moment as well - but not nearly as ambitious as yours!

  4. I think that would look stunning. I hope you are making much progress. abbey


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